About Me


Asefeh MirAlaei

Art is living and loving.
I propound my appreciation and regards to dear kind mother and father that always be my friend and companion and taught me sufferance and patience. They have always wished beautiful ambitions for me and gifted me smile and hope with their pure energy and love for way continuance and dreaming, the resumption of effort and creating and new fulguration.


Graphic designer and interior decorator

Designer and maker of decorative glass

Top person of literature of decoration and architecture congress in 2016

The member of glass artificer of America,Canada INC

Designer and jeweler of gold, silver, copper and glass

Holder of international certificate of jewelling ART CLAY oF JAPAN and instructor of ART CLAY jewelries.



pearl necklace with diamond pendant

Fused Glass

Glass is kind of cold fluid out of its irregular molecular structure is amorphou; pure glass that is the samelike silice has relatively high melting point a but 1700 c .
Two ways of fused glass wouldn't get melting temprecure , however, got flexible and ductile and pieces linked together of heat. This art orginate ...

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Lamp Working

Examine magnificent glass works of art including jewelry and sculptural pieces from the top names in the field today , as well as exciting works from emerging artists . their exquisite designs reflect the diversity anud innovation of glass thechniques from around the world . Simultaneously fine art and functional ...

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diamond necklace handmade jewel


Art clay is manufactured in Japan by Aida chemical industries. Aida chemical industries in a family owned company that recycles and reclaims metals,including the precious metals gold and silver.
The art clay series of products are made of pure metal powders mixed ...

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